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"The PCA from Lighthouse was able to get my father to listen to her - he trusted her. She was so caring to him; from providing him with personal hygiene to just talking to him about his interests. She gained his trust!!! That is an accomplishment itself. I can still remember her changing his bed without making him uncomfortable, washing him up and getting him dressed. The whole time she talked to him and let him know what was going on. My mom told me that he would not let anyone else bathe him. These little things in life are what we take for granted. We really don't stop to smell the roses. I believe that towards the end when my father needed to depend on others to assist him he generated a strong bond with his Aide. We will always be eternally grateful for her love and care of our father." — Family Member

"Toward the end of my father's life, my mom would wait for the nurse to come before she would go in to see him. She would cry and the nurse would take her hand and walk her into the room. The nurse would always talk to my dad - even when he could not respond - just like he was able to communicate back to her. The nurse dealt with him with such deep respect and dignity. She impressed me with her professionalism, her smile, her explanations of what to do and her reinforcement of what I did that was right. That in itself gave me the courage to help my dad during his last hours. Whenever I called the hotline, the nurse always called right back. She assured me that I was doing a good job. I hope that other families get the gift of having such a wonderful person assist them during such a difficult time in their lives." — Family Member

"I wanted to take a moment and personally thank the team for taking such wonderful care of my uncle and his family. It was very reassuring knowing that he had a team of compassionate people by his side during his final days. My mom and I also greatly appreciated your support and professionalism during a challenging time. You are all special people doing very important work for this community! Thank you and best wishes." — Family Member

"My mom and I can't thank you enough for all of the compassion, generosity, and endless support you gave my family during my father's last few months at home. You are truly angels on earth. Lighthouse helped my father live the remainder of his life comfortably at home with his family, surrounded by love. Everyone at Lighthouse will always have a special place in our hearts." — Family Member

"Thank you so much for all of your loving care and compassion for Mother. You all made her a little brighter with all of your care and hugs. She loved you all very much and will be glad to see you all again on the other side. May God generously bless you and your families. — Family Member

"May God Bless you as you continue to give of yourself in caring for others. We are so appreciative for the love and concern you showered on our Mother. Your visits gave us strength." — Family Member

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